Dear Johnson Giang & Shih-Yang Lin

As i sit here today, I still can’t believe you’re both gone. I’m telling myself this isn’t real. It still feels like a nightmare. I get up each morning trying to figure out if i have gotten any sleep. I believe i did, but i’m not 100% sure. I don’t feel tired at all. As each day passes, it becomes more and more of a reality, but i still try to refuse this reality. I can still see your faces and your smiles, hear your laugher, and recall all the hilarious “oops” in life we’ve shared. I alwayed imagine our crew growing old together and still hanging out like old times. It’ll never be the same without you two.

To: Johnson Giang, (baby boo)

I alwayed looked up to you, i always thought.. “man, i really wanna be buff like Johnson”. I admired your patience with everyone. It didn’t matter if they were close or just a new acquaintance. You never let anything get you down. You gave 100% to your family, friends, school, work, and everything you did. You always left every situation with a smile. You’ve been there for each and everyone of us. You’ve changed all our lives differently just by being who you are. You made great changes in this world that will remain with us forever. I still miss your texts: “wassssup!! baby boo”. It was always awkward, but now i actually really miss it. I had a dream about you the other night, you came back to us with smiles and laughters. I woke up and felt like you gave me a sign to be strong, to not let anything get me down, but to always smile and laugh no matter what happens. We shared a tradition on my birthday, I’ll always remember my 22nd when it started haha. I actually don’t remember the first time we met; all i knew was that this guy was pretty cool. Over time we became closer, and now i honestly would say you were like my brother. I know you’ll be watching us, i know you’ll protect us; you saved us already.

To: Shih-Yang Lin

Life hasn’t been the same without you too. You were one strong man Shih. Your confidence and your courage always amazed me. A day hasn’t gone by that i don’t think of you, your family, and all of our closest friends. I long to care for everyone but, i’m not quite sure if i can care for myself yet. I always want to talk about you and Johnson, but i hesitate because i know it would just make me sad. You always managed to lift me up in my most troublesome times. You had some crazy looks that i actually never feared but they were intimidating for sure! haha. I was looking forward to playing diablo 3 with you. Blizzard said they would release it this year. I know it won’t be the same playing without you but, i’ll still play the monk you wanted to deck out! You were a man of great taste. I’ll be sure to take some of that Blue for you on your birthday =). I wish you would have came to mammoth with all of us. I know you would have loved it, but you’re probably getting all the snowboarding you want now. You’re probably already playing diablo 3 without me! haha.

Not a day goes by that i don’t think of you two.. Everyday i wish i can see you guys one more time.. I truly miss you both.. You guys will be with us forever in our hearts and grow within us.. Rest in Peace Shih-Yang Lin and Johnson Giang. <3 <3

I really miss you guys!

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