welcome to the world Amelia! i had the pleasure photographing her portraits when she was only 5 days old! such an adorable baby girl and so easy to work with!!! this was my first actual newborn shoot and she made it so easy for me. i enjoyed every second of this session, i really look forward to doing more newborn shoots. Sara and John will be great parents. just hanging out with them for a few hours and documenting their new child, i could see the love and joy for Amelia. i’m not at that point in my life to have kids yet, but i learned tons of parenting stuff just from this shoot. my favorite part was skin time! you’ll see!


undefinedundefinedundefinedmy favorite part of documenting was skin time!undefinedundefinedundefinedmore skin time with a tutuundefinedundefinedundefinedmy favorite shot.

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